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NABUFIT Reaches more than 300,000 Downloads of its Physical Fitness App

NEW YORK, Nov. 15, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NABUFIT Global Inc. ([1]NBFT),
developer of a groundbreaking new training portal that enhances individual
workouts by providing expert advice from professional trainers, health
experts and international sports stars, today announced that since it
launched the NABUFIT App on July 19, 2016, there have been more than
300,000 downloads in 197 countries. The countries having the most downloads
are the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Spain and Hong Kong.

The Company intends to release new features to the App each month. This
week, a feature called “toolbox” has been released that allows users to
create customized workouts, save and adjust their workouts while also
integrating with calendars on mobile devices and desktops for scheduled
workouts. Integration with wearables, socializing with friends and
following friend’s workouts, daily activity with Apple health kit and many
more features are scheduled for future updates.

NABUFIT is an online fitness platform for health and well-being through
physical exercises, nutrition and lifestyle. The platform offers an
interactive, customized experience founded on the workouts and
participation of Sports Stars such as [2]Neymar Jr., [3]Mo Farah, [4]Peter
Schmeichel,[5]Michael Maze and more to come.

NABUFIT recently announced the airing, on November 12, 2016, by CNN of
its interview with Neymar Jr. in Barcelona, Spain while he was filming new
workout and diet programs for NABUFIT’s App. CNN’s program about Neymar Jr.
focused on why he became a global ambassador for NABUFIT in addition to
topics related to his overall career in F.C. Barcelona and his
participation in the Olympics in Rio. Additional footage of the CNN
interview and be found at

Brian Palm Svaneeng Mertz, NABUFIT CEO said: "We are very pleased with
results so far which have exceeded our internal expectations. Additionally,
we are experiencing very positive feedback and showing significant traction
on the App and look forward to announcing conversion rates as we release
the payment options in December. We also expect additional traction when
Neymar Jr. and Mo Farah become available on the NABUFIT App in December and

About NABUFIT Global Inc.

NABUFIT Global, Inc. ([6]www.nabufit.com) is a US public company. NABUFIT
is an online fitness platform for health and well-being through physical
exercises, nutrition and lifestyle. The platform offers an interactive,
customized experience founded on the workouts and participation of Sports
Stars among here Neymar Jr., Peter Schmeichel, Michael Maze and many more
to come. The development headquartered in Denmark is developing an online
fitness platform and a mobile application that connects to existing and
future monitoring devices (wearables etc.).

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NABUFIT Global, Inc.

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