Eco Depot, Inc. (ECDP)

Eco Depot, Inc. (ECDP), is a company that is in the development stage of transitioning into a manufacturer and distributor of eco-friendly Consumer Brand products. Eco Depot, Inc. sources and markets branded consumer eco-friendly products to fill the needs of major consumer groups. We then work through multiple channels to maximize consumer awareness and demand for these innovative products.

The company will create and market environmentally friendly consumer brand products to fill the needs of large consumer groups. The company will create mass consumer awareness and demand for these innovative products by leveraging the contrast between the positive “eco-friendly” nature of its products and the negative “eco-harmful” nature associated with its competitors’ products. This will be achieved via both traditional advertising and social media.

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Eco Depot, Inc. (ECDP)

Their newest most superior hydration products.Watergizzi is a multi-patented gadget that has many practical usages and applications. Everyday hydration and filtration, for your on-the-go life.

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1311 East La Rua Street

Pensacola, FL 32501

Phone (888) 635-7142
Email [email protected]
Market Value $24,700 a/o Feb 01, 2016
Transfer Agent Madison Stock Transfer Inc.

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